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Mino-Washi “Akari” Exhibition

Past Winners

The Mino-Washi "Akari" Art Gallery which recreates the event setting, has past winners on display. * Items on display are subject to change.

17th Exhibit - Grand prize winner: Tenkomori

15th Exhibit - Elementary school division, grand prize winner: The Sheep That Ate the Rainbow

15th Exhibit - Grand prize winner: Obob

14th Exhibit - Grand prize winner: A Gathering of Angels

13th Exhibit - Grand prize winner: White Breath

9th Exhibit - Grand prize winner: HOUZUKI

5th Exhibit - Grand prize winner: The Light of Home


Subtle and Profound Beauty Woven by “Bright and Dark” and “Light and Shadows”

Candlelight art made from “Mino washi,” which dates back 1,300 years, is collected from all over Japan and put on display on the udatsu-lined old streets. This objects, which give off a gorgeous, warm light, showcase the softness, beauty, and new possibilities of Mino washi. Temporary shops and street-corner concerts fill out the atmosphere.

Date The weekend (Saturday/Sunday) before National Sports Day (October)
Site Udatsu-lined Old Streets
Tel +81-575-35-3660
(Mino City Tourism Association)


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